A Geisha’s favorite TV commercials

A Geisha’s favorite TV commercials

Here is a collection of an actual Geisha’s favorite TV commercials on YouTube.

This is a double treat, first because all the commercials are (naturally) featuring other Geishas or are making use of a traditional Japanese style, not to mention all the famous Kabuki actors or Sumo wrestlers.

Second, because this is a very peculiar Geisha we are talking about in here (this one being peculiar in a different way). We are talking about Sayuki (née Fiona Graham) who, as you already figured, is the first Western Geisha ever in Japan.

Of course there is also the American Liza Dalby but she did not actually go through the traditional Geisha training, and in fact ended up performing as a Geisha by a series of circumstances. So “officially” Sayuki is the only one that can actually claim the title of -First Western Geisha in Japan-. Or at least that’s what all those critics and purists out there are rambling about.

Personally, I don’t care! I love them both! They’re awesome!

In fact they have so many things in common. For instance, they are both anthropologists and both also hold PhD’s. And yes sprinkle all the big names like: Stanford, Keio, Oxford, etc. And of course they do write books and teach at uni and do other crazy stuff since they’re awesome.

They both deserve a bunch of posts in here, and they will get them. But for the moment, what you came here to see.
Sayuki’s favorite TV commercials as presented on her own website:

Geishas Kimika and Kimiharu (sisters) on a KFC commercial

Actor Hiroyuki Sanada with a Maiko

A commercial for Kyoto’s famous “Otabe” sweets

Another Otabe commercial

Yeah you had it coming… some “wacky Japan” TV commercial: Geishas in a Japanese dog food commercial

A McCafe commercial filled with Japanese Kabuki legends

Beckham and others vs Sumo wrestlers

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