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Miyako Style is a one man show. It is written, uploaded and edited by Paco Alcantara.

He is a Mexican in Japan.
The first time he came to Kyoto was also the first time he came to the land of the rising sun. That was back in 2001 when at 21 years old he arrived in Japan to be a student at the Doshisha University in Kyoto.

After graduation from university in 2004 he went on to work for the Wakayama Prefectural Government as a Coordinator for International Relations until 2007. It was also during that time that he got into photography and to which he dedicates most of his free time.

Apparently he likes Japan so much, to the point that the only times he goes back to Mexico is about once every two years. Which is in average the time it takes him to lose his mind-over-body control over the urge for real Mexican food. After spending a few weeks in the usual and frantic Mexican-food-rampages he returns to Japan where he goes back to his usual cold turkey state for the rest of the time (with the occasional tequila shot and even gringo-style burritos… which aren’t that bad actually).

In 2008 he took a brief “study leave” of two years and went down under. He studied a master of Information Technology at the University of Queensland in Australia. After graduation in 2010 he returned to Kyoto where he spends his free time camera on hand taking photos and then most of the time on duty working as a software engineer at a Kyoto-based electronics company called Omron.

He writes Miyako Style so that his knowledge and Kyoto-hacks do not go to waste and may be used by students (since… he used to be one himself), visitors, other people living in Kyoto and by all those who share his fascination and love for Miyako, also known as Kyoto, the capital of traditional Japan.

Paco Alcantara is also:
- The only Mexican citizen ever to have worked full time in the Japanese Government (Japanese newspaper article | gallery on flickr).
- The only Mexican known to have been in and survived the 2004 tsunami of South East Asia (newspaper article | related photo).
- A translator and interpreter of Japanese language (also one of his main duties during his previous work in the J-Gov).
- A photographer: Getty Images contributor and with photos blogged by Magnum | Wired | Digital Photography School and others (flickr photostream) Most of the images used on this site are taken by him.
- A Mexican food evangelist (in case you didn’t notice that already).
- An avid gamer.
- A fan of South Park, Calvin & Hobbes and Star Wars.
- A guy who likes staying up late but hates waking up early (usually using up to three different alarms [and then a caffeine shot] to accomplish the task).
- A professional internet procastrinator.

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